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GEOMAG PANELS BLACK & WHITE 104 PCS ( GM013) - Wild Willy - Toys Lebanon



Mentally stimulating for children and adults;STEM Learning;Made in Switzerland;Safe and high quality construction;Positive and negative rods make play much more challenging than magnets that always attract Manufacturer's Description Geomag is a real test of a child's imagination. It is a magnetic, highly versatile and powerful educational product that stimulates creativity, discovery and fun. Consisting of only two basic components it is fascinating to observe as children begin by building basic models and rapidly progress to discover that the magnetic bars have the power to both repel and attract. They are fascinated as they create spinning models that seem to almost have a life of their own. Geomag's magnetic force and tactility enhances learning by involving school children from both the creative and technical perspectives. The Geomag system consists of precision moulded plastic coated bars with a south-polarised magnet at one end and a north polarised magnet at the other. The bars are simply connected together using nickel-plated steel spheres.

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