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Silverlit  - Heli Splash Helicopter with Water Gun - Wild Willy

Silverlit - Heli Splash Helicopter with Water Gun


Fantastic fun for all the family, Silverlit’s sensational Heli Splash will store and fire water at a special target. Featuring two shooting modes, this innovative three channel infrared indoor helicopter can provide a single squirt, or continuous stream on command. A prefabricated water sensitive target has been included for prospective fighter pilots to practice their skills. Simply squirt the water by pressing the set top buttons. The exciting Silverlit Heli Splash has contra rotating rotors and a sophisticated electronic gyro for superb directional stability, providing an exceptionally smooth performance, plus a special lighting effect that illuminates when shooting.
Stable and fun to fly indoors in a reasonable size room, and remarkably robust made of impact resistant plastic, steer the helicopter by moving the transmitter joy stick left or right, whilst operating the throttle to take off, hover or land. The Heli Splash is twenty one centimetres long, incorporates a powerful lithium polymer battery and will fly for up to ten minutes, whilst recharging direct from the transmitter in less than half an hour.

The attractive Silverlit Power in Air packaging includes a fully assembled helicopter supplied ready-to-fly, complete with a pre-installed three channel proportional wide beam infrared control system, an informative flight manual, a refill bottle plus water sensitive target and two spare tail rotors. The Heli Splash is available on bands A, B or C to allow up to three different Silverlit models to be flown together. As the assortment varies, we are unable to guarantee which colour product or remote control band you will receive.

Requires 6 x AA alkaline batteries (not included).

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